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Walking the Zombies !!!

Walking the Zombies !!! published on 2 Comments on Walking the Zombies !!!

‘Braaaaainnnsss!!!!’ lamented Mr Zombie. Why do Zombies want brains when they seem to damn well eat anything? And how do more zombies get made when if you’re mauled by a swarm of them they seem damn well determined to eat every last bit of you? Feel free to contemplate these questions (and possibly more interesting ones) while gazing at the ‘Walking Dead’ inspired,  made with Copic marker scribble below. Speaking of mindless pursuits ! -try my new ‘login via twitter or facebook’ to leave any Zombie or other kind of reply on the page below :)

-Gavin the Braiinnnnsss Thomson

Zombies - they be so hungie

  • Matt Bayliss (@MattBayliss)

    Ahh the ‘ol fetal position defence! An oldie but a goodie. Nice job :) Especially drawing all those zombies!

  • Gavin THE Thomson (@gavinthethomson)

    Thnks! Maybe the fetal position is the secret defence that no one’s tried. Next time your in a Zombie apocalypse give it a go!

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