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Logan at the Pub.

Logan at the Pub. published on No Comments on Logan at the Pub.

Marvel comic’s Logan AKA Wolverine is probably one of the most most unique characters to have arisen from a one off story (1st appearance fighting the Hulk no less) . With arm’s full of sharp blades and an almost unstoppable beserker rage that always seems to lead him to massive killing spree’s, you would think he would have been a villain. While most heroes are fighting the worst in the world Logan’s tale is one of fighting against the worst inside yourself and having to deal with that failure.  Short and stocky (unlike his movie portrayal), hairy, foul tempered and constantly smoking and drinking he stood out in almost every way as being different from the clean cut heroes…. and he said ‘bub’ a lot. To me the look that most stuck in my mind was him wearing flannel and a cowboy hat. He seemed he would fit right in at any Australian pub. Looking just like another scruffy guy drinking away his sorrows.

So here I have drawn him at the local having a beer. He seems to be in a calm mood at the moment so pull up a stool and have a drink.


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