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In Memory of Joe Kubert

In Memory of Joe Kubert published on No Comments on In Memory of Joe Kubert

I met the Joe Kubert at a Sydney Supanova expo. Not as a buddy or friend but just another fan. Got to listen to him speak about a lifetime of making comics, giving advice to people wanting to make comics and his genuine love at the school of comic art he founded. I most remember him talking excitedly at being able to do all the parts of comic making in his latter life. That he loved finding he could write, draw, ink, colour and letter the whole thing. It amused me at the time as many a wannbe comic maker wishes they could just draw and/or write the comic and have someone else to help do the rest. Got to shake his hand and pickup a copy of his life drawing studies book- I just love seeing pencil drawings more than anything.

Below I have sketched a pencil pic of ‘Tor’ the character that Joe drew which I have the earliest memory of.
Thanks for the art and stories and the inspiration.


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